About Brent Bouteiller

picture of Brent Bouteiller

Brent Bouteiller, the federal Green Party candidate for Wellington Halton Hills, is a veteran campaigner. October 2008 was his fifth time as a federal Green Party candidate, and his experience showed--yet again the riding demonstrated a big increase in support for the Green Party under Bouteiller's leadership, hitting third place in the area.

Living with his family just outside Fergus, Brent Bouteiller is a professional transportation engineer, local entrepreneur, and community leader, so he has a strong grasp of what's happening in Wellington Halton Hills, and where the needs and issues fall. He contributes to the area as the president of the Community Resource Centre of North and Centre Wellington, and is also a long-standing member of Transport 2000 (a non-profit group concerned with safe, practical and environmentally-sound transportation through research, advocacy, and public education).

FAQ: How do you pronounce Brent's last name?

nBouteiller sounds like this: "Boo-tay-eh"

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