Why Join?

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There are lots of reasons to join; here are just a few:

  • Opportunity for political activism (with as much or little involvement as you want)
  • Ability to influence direction of the party
  • Chance to network with other people who are involved in green concerns on forums, in person, etc
  • You can go to party conventions
  • The Greens are growing--you can see the party continue to succeed and know that you helped get it there
  • Volunteer opportunities, if you are looking for some

Interested in Joining the Greens?

There's more than one way you can help out the WHH Greens by joining.

Become a Member

No time? No worries! Just by becoming a member of the Green Party you help by showing your
support. This can be a pretty low-key way to support the Greens if you want it to be--all you have to do is sign up on the federal website that you want to join, and then you will pay your $10+ donation, get an occasional email about things that are happening in case you want to get more involved, and be on your way.

(Special note about this option: political donations get favourable tax treatment. Your $10 per year gets a 75% rebate on your income tax, so you can support the Green Party for a full year for only $2.50--about the same price as a moderately fancy cup of coffee.)

Volunteer Locally

If you are eager to do something beyond becoming a member, we'd love to have your help as a local volunteer! To help out with between-election initiatives or with the next election, drop us a line on the contact page and we'll get back to you about what sort of volunteer positions are open at the moment so you can see if something fits with your interests.


Help support the Greens with a donation! Political contributions get favourable tax treatment, so you can get 75% of it back as a tax credit for political donations under $400 in the tax year. That means a $100 donation to help the Greens would only end up costing you $25.

If you donate through the Donate link on our site, more of the money comes to this riding than when donating to the Green Party as a whole. Otherwise, if you'd rather make a donation in person, contact us and someone will connect with you to arrange for it.