The Green Party Has Been Gaining Ground

picture of a walking sign

Both the WHH Greens and the federal Green Party as a whole have been making progress in elections. Here are some success highlights:

  • Brent Bouteiller captured 6.10% of the vote in Wellington Halton Hills in the 2006 election. In 2008 he blew past this to be supported by 9.84% of the voters--that's more than one and a half times 2006's proportion! In 2011, which was a tough election for Greens all across the country, Brent's proportion of local votes decreased, but he nonetheless exceeded the national green average of 3.91%--at 6.37% of the WHH vote, he was a full 163% of the national green average.
  • From election to election, Brent's proportion of the votes has been steadily increasing in comparison to other Green Party candidates in their areas: For 2006 and 2008, Brent's vote proportion was in the 41st and 43rd places out of all the Green Party ridings' proportional results. For 2011, Brent's vote proportion was up
    to 24th place out of all the Green Party ridings' results.
  • Elizabeth May finally got to take part in the federal debates in 2008, and the Green Party had its first MP up until the election was called. In 2011, despite being kept out of the debates, Elizabeth May prevailed to become Canada's first elected Green MP and is now representing her BC riding in the House of Commons.